The Best Sig P938 Holsters for 2021



For personal defense or because of work, carrying a concealed carry weapon is critical. The Sig Sauer P938 is one of the most reliable pistols of today. It is established not just for its power but also because it is conveniently one of the smaller weapons you can carry. Since you have the one of the best pistol models, it is only right and fair to equip it with nothing but the best Sig P938holsters of today.

Specifically, designed holsters for the P938 can provide you with the best concealment and confidence when the time to draw your weapon comes. With a holster that can support your weapon’s features and usability, you can maximize this sub-compact gun.

With so many available holsters on the market, promising comfort and concealment, among other pros, it would be best to shop around and learn about each of these holsters before making a decision. You won’t regret taking the time before committing to a holster that you’ll be carrying every day for the next years.

What is the Best Sig P938 Holster

How to Choose the Right Holsters for Sig Sauer P938

You don’t buy the first piston holster that you get your hands on even if you think it fits your Sig P938. It would be best if you addressed factors, and narrowing down the sheer number of numerous holsters on the market today is important.

You have to take your time and look into a checklist guide to ensure that you are getting the best Sig P938 holster. A good holster for your piston should be able to meet the following criteria:

Comfort – whatever reason for you to be carrying a weapon, comfort should be your top priority. You don’t purchase a holster that is too uncomfortable to wear or a holster that you need to adjust now and then. Comfort is a prerequisite bit.

There is no universal definition of comfortable wearing because it all depends on you, your body type, the clothes you usually wear, and the holster’s material. Holsters made of leather are always comfy, but nylon and Kydex might not be so much. However, you will know if it is comfortable if you barely notice that you’re wearing it and you can wear it for long hours without complaint.

Retention – this is a non-negotiable prerequisite because the last thing you want is for your gun to fall out of its carrier or, worst, be pulled out by someone other than you. All holsters are designed with a retention feature normally denoted as active or passive.

Active retention uses buttons, straps, and finger-thumb operated levers, and it needs to be manually released before you draw the piston. Passive retention meanwhile uses friction and sometimes adjustable retention screws to secure your weapon.

Concealment – go for a holster that can hide your gun 100% sans the visible ‘printing.’ Printing is when the weapon’s shape or outline is still visible through your clothes. Any good holster should be able to conceal that you are carrying a weapon. The shape should not be visible, so take your time and purchase a holster that can keep your Sig P938 holster hidden.

Durability – don’t settle for a holster that can only last a while. You should want something that will last. Any holster worth its salt should be made from the highest quality materials that can withstand all impacting factors like weather conditions and the usual wear and tear.

Material and Holster Type – with so many options to choose from when it comes to the material used to make your holster, you have to be choosy and keen in choosing one that can provide you with comfort, retention, and concealment. You can’t forego any of these. The kind of holster also plays an important role because it will dictate how easy and effortless it would be to draw your weapon.

Price – your budget will dictate the range of holsters that you can consider. The good news is, there are a lot of quality options that have varying budgets. You can surely get a good deal if you really take the time to look.

Yes, buying a holster can be a pretty difficult but totally doable one. Don’t rush and take your time to shop for your Sig P938 Holster.

Top 6 Best Sig Sauer P938 Holsters Reviews

1. Crossbreed Holsters IWB Concealed Carry Holster


The Crossbreed IWB holster is known for being one of the most comfortable and concealable holsters on the market. Exclusively designed and patented by Crossbreed Holsters, it gives true meaning to what a Sig Sauer P938 holster needs to be. This kind of pistol is meant to be concealed, and this holster does a good job in that.

Each is hand molded to ensure its perfect fit to the P938 and is made with premium Black Cowhide leather with a mounted and molded Kydex pocket. It is a solid holster that stays in place and guarantees many years of service.

This holster is versatile to carry, and you can comfortably wear it without needing to tuck your shirt in. With its SnapLok powder-coated steel belt clips, you can make adjustments in both ride and cant height, which is a bonus for you.

For being top of the line, you’d really have to pay the price for this, which is the main reason why some would settle for something cheaper.


  • Excellent in concealing your piston
  • Versatile and comfy to carry and wear
  • Made with Cowhide leather with molded Kydex pocket


  • More expensive compared to other holsters

2. Concealment Express OWB KYDEX Holster


Minimalist but fully functional with a comfort level of 100%, these are just a few of the reasons why you should get a Concealment Express OWB Kydex Holder for your Sig Sauer P938.

This holster is created where concealment and comfort are given top priority. You can wear this OWB paddle holster with your shirt untucked and not worry about any printing or weapon outlines. Thanks to its .08” Kydex precision formed over the brand with CAD designed and are crafted with Aluminum molds. This methodology ensures consistency, quality, fit, lightness, and comfort, known for this company.

With its Undercut Trigger Guard, you won’t have issues with any interference when you draw. Its Over-Cut-Face houses Threaded Barrels and unblock Suppressor Height Sights. It also has a Sweat Guard incorporated so your weapon can be free of sweat. You can make as many adjustments that you like without losing a screw because this holster is incorporated with an all-Black Oxide Steel hardware with Threadlock.

This has adjustable posi-click retention and cant where you will hear an audible click to ensure that your weapon is securely holstered to address any retention issues. This is a perfect fit for your P938.


  • Integrated Undercut Trigger Guard
  • Your weapon will not be exposed to sweat, thanks to its Sweat Guard feature.
  • Has adjustable posi-click retention and cant


3. Talon IWB Leather Holsters


If you want a top-quality holster to conceal your Sig Sauer P938, then this is it. The Talon IWB leather holster is designed, so tucking in and concealing your pistol is comfortable and hassle-free. Surprisingly, even if your shirt is tucked in, this would work. No one will notice that you are hiding a pistol underneath, making it an ideal holster.

But the best part of the Talon leather holster is its construction. Leather material has been tested by time, and it has established itself for its trusted durability. You can truly get your money’s worth with this because you are sure that you can use it for years sans the problem and complications.

This holster is also made specifically for pistol models along with its leather make, so you are guaranteed it is fit. This is significant if you require a holster that will be a perfect match for your Sig Sauer P938.

It is all designed in the USA by top law enforcement professionals is a huge plus because they understand the need to have that reliable holster. Their experience will dictate the requirements.

The only area of improvement for this holster is the stitching. It’s best to have it double-stitched again for added longevity.


  • The pistol can be hidden comfortably.
  • Made of reliable leather
  • Designed by experience courtesy of law enforcement professionals


  • The stitching is not too solid.

4. AIKATE Ankle Holster for Concealed Carry


The AIKATE ankle holster fits both men and women, and if you want to have the freedom of movement without worrying about your holster slipping down, then this is the holster for you. It has a no-slip design, which will make it firmly attached against your ankle without rubbing your ankle bone.

Aside from its functionality, it is also extremely comfortable because of its premium soft and breathable neoprene material with micro-holes that aids in the prevention of excessive sweating. You will barely notice that you are wearing it; what’s more, is once the need arises, you can easily draw it and use your weapon.

There is a dedicated holster for each foot, which is perfect for left and right-hand users. This holster also comes with a spare magazine pouch where you can put in a taser, knife, or OC pepper spray as an additional perk.

One drawback of this ankle holster is its lack of adjustability when it comes to the holster’s length, so it can also cater to taller people.


  • Allows freedom of movement
  • No-slip design
  • Comfortable with premium and breathable neoprene material


  • No height adjustability

5. RRAGES Desantis Nemesis Pocket Holster


As expected from RRAGES, this Desantis Nemesis pocket holster is a great purchase. It is a perfect fit for a Sig Sauer P938 and an even perfect fit inside your pocket.

With such a limited space inside your pocket, you won’t feel the dents and angles of your weapon. It is securely snug and protected by the holster that all you feel against your skin is the holster’s soft material.

It is also designed to provide reliable retention despite all the seating, standing, and every movement that you do. There won’t be any accidents, and your sub-compact will be as snug and secure inside your pocket.

It would be best if you broke it in though in the first initial days, but after that, it’s all comfortable to put inside the pocket and works perfectly.


  • Comfortable design and won’t dig into the skin.
  • Made of soft and durable material
  • Reliable retention despite the movement


  • Break-in is required during the first few days.

6. Barsony Leather Shoulder Holster


Visit the Barsony Store soon and buy yourself their Barsony leather shoulder holster. You will be impressed with its precision stitching and lightweight design. US-made, this holster is completely adjustable to up to 52” of chest size.

The straps are also fully adjustable to support its adjustability, making it possible to wear it all day with ease. You have the option to wear it in other ways because it is designed with a belt loop to tie down. The holster’s harness can be adjusted in 4 different size adjustments so you can be sure that it will always be a perfect fit. The height can also be adjusted should you have a semi-auto aside from your P938

You will find this holster’s reinforced adjustable retention strap and thumb break beneficial. It also has a sight protector channel that is sewn into it, making drawing and re-holstering easy.


  • Lightweight with precision stitching
  • Versatile and fully adjustable
  • Excellent value for its price


  • Only the holster and one shoulder are made of leather.

What is a Sig P938 Holster?


A Sig Saucer S938 holster is a carrying and concealment device specific to a Sig Sauer P938.

This is a single-action-only and semi-automatic pistol with a 9mm caliber. It is best known for its slide stop level that comes equipped with ambidextrous safety. It also has a magazine.

A holster dedicated to this should be able to hold its unloaded weight of 16 ounces and cover the gun’s barrel length of 3 inches.

Types of Sig P938 Holsters

There are several kinds of P938 holsters that you can adapt to. Depending on the nature of why you carry a piston, you can select which one is best for you and well suitable for your Sig P938.

Here are the more usual holster styles that are appropriate for your Sig:

OWB holsters – these outside waistband holsters are obviously worn around the waist and is usually attached either to your belt or directly on your pants’ waistband. The larger your weapon is, the more challenging it is to conceal it when using OWB holsters, but this should be no problem at all for a Sig P938.

After all, it is a smaller pistol, and you can help conceal it by wearing a shirt or jacket over the holster for maximum camouflage. Law enforcement officers and those who carry a weapon because of their work’s nature prefer this kind because it allows for a quick and easy draw.

An OWB holster is simple wards off and quick to reach, and it doesn’t stab into your pelvis. Plus, it discourages and warns any interfering criminals in your surroundings who may have something in mind.

IWB holsters – worn at the waist like OWB holsters, the inside-the-waistband holsters are placed inside the pants via a clip. Some might rely on some adhesive material so that it can remain in place. If concealment is a top priority and a prerequisite, then this is the best one for you.

It is rather difficult to identify if someone is carrying a gun when carried in an IWB holster. As far as comfort is concerned, though, having your weapon pressed against your skin after a long time might not be a pleasant feeling. IWB holsters provide you with the element of surprise while at the same time not offending people around you.

IWB holsters provide you the freedom to move and go wherever you please without giving away the fact that you have a gun with you.

Pocket holsters – these, as the name suggests, are placed inside your pant pockets. The outside of the holster is typically made from an adhesive component, which helps in preventing the gun from moving around inside your pants’ pocket. This is a popular choice for subcompact pistols like the Sig P938 because you can easily draw your weapon without needing to pull the holster from your pants.

Why Do You Need Sig Sauer P938 Holster?

You have your own reasons why you are carrying a Sig Sauer P938 with you. It might be because it is part of your profession, or it is for your personal safety. Still, as an owner of a gun –regardless of how big or compact it may be, it is your responsibility, and whatever action comes from your P938 is your accountability.

More than the comfort and concealment that holsters provide, it also ensures that there won’t be any accidents involving your gun. You need a Sig Sauer P938 holster to keep your weapon secure. Sure, you carry it any way you want. If you want it inside your backpack or just inside your pockets, by all means, but accidents can happen. Your gun might fall or be accidentally be triggered. These are just some of the situations that you want to avoid, and securely having a holster for your weapon is an easy answer to these what-ifs.

Besides security purposes, holsters can also allow you to draw your weapon easier when you need it. No need to ransack your bag just for your gun. You have it within your fingertip when and where you want it. It

Comfort and concealment are additional bonuses but give you more reason for the need for a holster.

Frequently Asked Questions



What are the most popular Sig Sauer P938 Holster brands?

Gone are the days where you have to settle for whatever is available in the market or join the bandwagon. There are a lot of popular and trusted Sig Sauer P938 Holster brands. Consider any of these brands when shopping:

  • Crossbreed Holsters
  • Concealment Express
  • Talon Holsters
  • Aikate
  • Barsony

Ensure that you identify your needs and preferences before purchasing but with the six mentioned brands, you are already getting a good deal. Each of these brands may carry more than one holster.

These brands are popular because lots of people already tested their functionality and efficiency. You can further build your confidence by going through the honest and unbiased reviews of each of these brands.

How to decock a sig p938?

The P938 slide can be cycled with the safety on, but to decock it, you need to empty it and let the hammer down. After that, you can remove the slide and proceed with cleaning it if this is your intention. Don’t worry; you can keep it cocked, and the chamber empty if that’s your preference for storing it. With or without a magazine, your Sig P938 is a safe weapon as is.

Where to buy it?

Buying a holster specific to the P938 is not difficult. Gun specialty stores would usually carry a variety of holsters that you can actually try. Although there might be limited choices, the advantage of personally getting it is feeling the holster with your hands and experiment with loading your weapon on it.

If you want choices while keeping safe at home, then you can check the massive collection of Amazon. There are many sellers – both big businesses and small organizations that sell this kind of holster. All you need is to be a smart and practical buyer and not an impulsive one.


The P938 is a reliable sub-compact gun, and pairing it with any of the best Sig P938holstersallows you to enjoy the gun’s functionality and premiums to your advantage. With varying options to choose from, like the material and how you can carry with you, you have total control to be comfortable while wearing it.

You also have a say on how concealed you want your weapon to be with the holster’s help. Purchasing the best holster for your Sig Sauer P938 is a smart investment for you because it is something that you can use for a long time. An exceptional holster for your SIG P938 should deliver you with concealment, good retention, comfort, proper draw, and durability.

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