Best Way To Conceal Carry With Shirt Tucked In


When you’re carrying concealed, your shirt should always be tucked in. It’s not just for looks; this ensures that the grip of your gun doesn’t get snagged on the fabric when you go to draw it.

If you don’t keep your shirt tucked in or if it comes out while you are drawing, there is a chance that someone will see what’s going on and try to disarm you before you can get off a shot.

This article will show you what is the best way to conceal carry with shirt tucked in so that nothing comes in the way of you and others around you being protected! The nicest part about learning how to do this is that it becomes second nature after you’ve accomplished it!

The Best Way To Conceal Carry With Shirt Tucked In

It is obvious that tucking your shirt in is a necessity of most formal clothes. This becomes an issue since you won’t know where to conceal your weapon for simple carry. The actions listed below should assist you in this situation:

The Carry Position

First and foremost, the position to conceal and carry with a shirt tucked in is very important. It allows the gun owner to easily draw their weapon when needed without worrying about it getting caught on any part of their clothing or body.

To begin this, you should choose the robust hips carrier or appendix one because these two wearing positions are the most common and reasonable when it comes to a tucked-in shirt.

The appendix positions your handgun between your belly and hip, while the robust hip carry puts it between two and a half part four o’clock on your hip.

Additionally, each of these postures has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. We’ll tell the appendix man that this is the quickest draw. It’s really easy to draw this out if you’re in a combative position and having your ass kicked here, and it’s already ready to go to work.

Even yet, one of the cons is that it will make you feel uneasy if you try to squeeze it down your tight pants. About the robust hips carry, which is the most comfortable and a constant power draw. It’s a little slower than the appendix, but it’s not in the hundredths of a second.

The point is that there is a natural concealing location with a beautiful hollow and smaller back. In short, both have their own set of pros and cons, but both have a very quick drawing capacity and make it simple to grab your pistol with either hand.

The J Clipped Holster

What is the best holster when you have your shirt tucked in?

This is a question we are frequently asked. Well, the J clipped holster is the greatest IWB holster choice for tucking your tee in.

When you use this item, you will be satisfied because the upturned J will provide a gap between the clipping and the holster, allowing the shirt to tuck in without being snagged or halted by the holster.

Using the FoxX tuckable holster is a great idea for people who want to tuck their tee into an IWB holster. Plus, it also includes a double clipping to increase stability and makes your shirt not bunch.

Your Body And Your IWB Holster

As we mentioned before, any of those carry positions will create a fast draw, but you feel truly comfortable when your belly gets fat, or your jeans are too tight, don’t you?

It’s important to think about your body type while considering which clockwise position to equip your handgun.

That being said, it might vary based on your body shape; you don’t need to focus too much on the “ideal position to carry”. Instead of doing that, you should place it in a flatter region.

As a result, the weapon will be less noticeable on your body, especially if you’re wearing a tee.

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Minimizing Risk

When you apply the position to help you conceal carry with a tucked-in shirt, this might increase the dangers of reupholstering the weapon since it directs the gun’s head towards sensitive portions of your body.

So, what should you do?

To reduce the possibility of an accidental or careless release striking you is to shake your head and upper torso back. Doing so will adjust your body in relation to the handgun, hopefully causing the shot to strike someplace below your feet rather than your thigh.

Additional Methods

If you can’t have the IWB carried quite right and have to live with a tucked-in shirt every day, follow and try these alternatives below to learn more!

Both the ankle and pocket carries are ego. An ankle holster would be used to carry the gun around your ankle, while a pocket carry would be used to carry the gun safely in your pockets.

In detail, for individuals who wish to avoid concealed carry while still tucking their shirt in. A good alternative is to use an ankle holster.

Notice that accessing the weapon using this approach may take a little longer. This is because you have to waste more time bending over to reach the weapon.

Using the pocket carry approach is another possibility. A holster in the pocket is frequently used to do this. The weapon is then holstered and placed in the pocket.

That being said, this technique won’t work if your jeans are too tight. As such, you should wear one to two sizes larger pants or shorts.

Tucked In And Ready To Go

Congrats! You’ve got access to information about other carriers, allowing you to keep your choices available. You also know how to conceal carry with your shirt tucked in, as well as which holster to use. Now you’re ready to go!

Keep in mind when bringing a handgun off your body, you must guarantee that no one who shouldn’t have it, such as a youngster, has to get it.


After reading our post, you’ve probably found the best way to conceal carry with shirt tucked in for your way, right?

You’re also well informed, and you can determine your path with safety in mind because the best way also means best in efficiency and safety!

Thank you for reading! If you have any questions, we are always ready to rely on them!

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