How To Wear A Paddle Holster?


Taking a gun out has never been an easy problem because this drags watchful eyes from others. And the paddle holster birth is like a savior.

It not only helps to conceal your weapon but also provides a safe place to put it. Yet, not gun users know well how to wear a paddle holster.

If you’re the same, check out our post to find out more!

Everything You Need To Know About A Paddle Holster

Before learning how to use a paddle holster, you first have to know what it is.

Paddle holster now is one of the most common kinds of outside the waistband (OWB) holsters. With the steel plate inserted into the paddle, it can attach well to the pant waistline or the users’ belt.

If you’re owning a handgun, it will be the best choice ever. You can also remove it more easily than other types. On the other hand, you can hide your firearm under your outfit without any difficulty, thanks to its tiny design.

This kind is in the permit, so of course, gunners can bring it daily or on special occasions. That’s why more and more gunners opt for it.

What Are The Purposes To Wear A Holster For A Handgun?

Your clothes don’t always have pockets big enough to fit a pistol in. That’s why the paddle holster appears on the market. Its only purpose is to help you take your weapon everywhere and remove it every time you want.

It extremely suits many people doing many different jobs. Let’s take the example of the police! They frequently take the gun out while on patrol but have to take it off when entering the courthouse.

With a holster covering their weapon, they can remove it quickly and protect the head of it without causing danger to everyone. If you are often in the competition, it would be the best option ever for you.

Believe it or not! Let’s see if the holster can cover your gun in the next section!

Conceal Your Carry With A Holster

As we said above, a paddle holster is quite effortless to conceal as long as you have to wear appropriate clothing. You can refer to some clothing samples such as oversized shirts, large-formed coats, or leather jackets. Because these can cover all your body up, no one can see the holster under the clothing layer.

Even better, you can feel free to adjust the position of it on your waistline, avoiding the firearm annoying to your calf. That’s why some realize that they are comfortable when carrying it, especially while sitting.

However, there are still some weak points existing when concealing this type. The distance between the holster and the belt is relatively far. Compared to the belt slide holster, it is much further.

Thereby, if you don’t wear suitable clothes to conceal, all the world is going to know that you’ve got the gun. It is worth noting that your holster sticks out quite a lot. Someone can try to take your pistol from you in case of a fight. Be careful and clip it with absolute certainty!

How To Wear A Paddle Holster?

To keep safe for you and the others around, we’ll give you five detailed things to do when wearing a paddle holster. Let’s read carefully!

Ensure To Off The Handgun

Ensuring safety is always put first and foremost throughout using weapons. Each one has a different safe function called the safety key. If you’re vague about the way to turn it on, refer to the exact instruction of your gun to learn more!

Especially for pistols, whether loaded or not, you make sure to follow the manual before putting them into the paddle holster.

Insert The Handgun Into The Holster

You hold the gun handle first and then place your index finger along the barrel and keep it away from the trigger. Next, point the barrel down and push it straight until the trigger totally is in the holster.

Once you do it right, you can only see the weapon’s handle exposed and no longer access the barrel.

Check The Smooth When Carrying In And Out

After putting your weapon in, try to pull it in and out several times to check whether it is stuck. The holster is still on your pistol when pulling it out in some cases.

In addition, you have to ensure that the holster stays in place. The tighter the better! If it moves on your belt, you have to use the other hand to grasp it while drawing your pistol.

Some paddle holsters also allow you to adjust to fit with your gun. If not fitted, you should reconsider carrying this type.

Close The Latch 

Some models get the latches, letting the weapon fasten to the body more. But some do not; they completely depend on the perfect fit between the gun and the holster.

We guess you’re worrying whether this latch can impede you from drawing the firearm. The answer is absolutely no. With just one unlatch of the thumb, you’re ready to take aim with your gun.

Attach The Pistol With The Paddle Side On Your Belt

Many gunners tend to like to wear the holster on their dominant hip. Some like to use the contrast hip to easily grip and pull out the gun with the dominant hand.

However, some choose to conceal their tailbones. This can lead to unnecessary injuries if you fall backward. You ought to consider this point.

After deciding where to put it, tuck it between the waistband and your panties! Push it until the barrel portion is completely inside. At this time, you can feel the pressure of the rigid paddle on your waist. Or you can slide it into the distance between the inside belt and the outside waistband.

If the holster has a security hook, it can not only prevent the holster from sliding out but also support you to know whether the holster slid to the right place or not.

In A Nutshell

Bringing the weapon out is always a big problem for many people. That’s why a holster can help you to somehow conceal. Our post is not too long but enough for you to know how to wear a paddle holster.

If you have any difficulty during the attachment process, don’t hesitate to share with us in the comment box below.

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