How To Wear a Shoulder Holster?


If you’re a gun enthusiast, you’ve probably used a shoulder holster before. This holster is ideal for outdoor activities like hunting and hiking, but it may also be used for daily carry. That said, the issue is that some people do not know how to wear one properly!

In this post, we’ll go over how to wear a shoulder holster, the advantages it has over other concealed carry options, and how to pick the appropriate one for you! So let’s get started on everything shoulder holsters!

How To Wear A Shoulder Holster?

How to wear a shoulder holster? Here is our detailed answer for you!

As you know, a shoulder holster can be used to hide a weapon. However, having the correct holster that is comfy and lets you draw quickly is essential. You should also know how to properly wear and modify a holster to ensure that it functions properly.

A bad fit in a holster will not help you carry your gun efficiently. The steps below will aid in the procedure’s simplification:

Wearing an empty holster is the greatest way to guarantee a safe landing. Insert one arm through the loop as if putting on your backpack, then extend both hands out from below before crossing them in front of your body.

Notice that the crossing straps are behind your back, and that the magazine and gun holster are located underneath your arms.

To find the perfect position for your cross pad, adjust it so that you are neither too high nor low. The weight should be evenly spread across your shoulders with an optimal placement six inches below the neck level.

But don’t worry if this isn’t comfortable right off the bat! Try out different placements until one suits both yourself and the gun just fine.

Straps should be centered front to back near your neck and high up on the shoulders. If there are straps, adjust them so that they lay flat against you with no twists or turns in their length, making sure it’s comfortable but not too tight!

A holster is just as good as how it feels on your body when you put it on. So, before wearing your new concealed carry gun belt for a longer time. As such, you should take some time and pay attention to how it fits over the top of other clothes or inside what’s already there.

Trying to wear a holster for the first time might be nerve-racking, but don’t panic! You’ll get used to it quickly. To address this issue, you might try practicing by wearing your gun about the house.

Pros and Cons Of Shoulder Holsters

There are several advantages and disadvantages of shoulder holsters that can be considered before deciding if one is right for you! Continue reading to know more!


  • Concealed Carry Made Simple: This holster design provides ideal hiding for your handgun while you are wearing a jacket or coat, especially during the wintertime.
  • The ideal for guns with a large caliber: It’s suitable for big weapons since it allows for additional weight carrying and storage. The gun and reserve ammo are removed from the back and spread evenly over the shoulders, so you don’t need a belt in this case.
  • Everything you need is right there: This means shoulder holsters can carry both your pistol and extra ammunition in one compact package. You won’t forget anything because it is in one spot.


  • Reach is slow: You have to extend your arm and bring your hand on the way up to the underarm to reach your gun in the holster. Therefore, it takes a longer draw time.
  • Problems with Guns: When you draw a handgun from a holster, the barrel sweeps over spectators. This is quite dangerous thus you need to be careful.
  • Operating Areas: You have to stretch or extend your arm to get your guns. Hence, it might feel convenient to draw when you’re in crowded places.

Safety Notice To Wear A Shoulder Holster

Whatever you want to do, safety is a priority factor that you should consider, and especially when wearing this item.

  • Ensuring your body can handle the weight of a loaded pistol and holster slung over your shoulder. Therefore, you’ll want to eat properly and exercise often to stay in shape.
  • One more thing you need to notice is that you have to wear an undershirt inside your official clothing. This is because body oils and sweat can cause damage or corrosion to a weapon when worn in a shoulder holster.
  • Always keep an eye on where the barrel is pointing to avoid the bad news when you tend to draw it.
  • Don’t hold the drawer tight to your body if you’re trying to make a rapid draw ; this will make it more difficult to touch your gun. The best thing to do is to maintain a 45-degree bend in your arm with your elbow facing in the direction of the target.
  • Adjust your straps as needed to keep a solid hold on your weapon. If you make it lose, your gun will be dropped whenever, and it comes off a disadvantage for you when to carry.
  • Keep an additional magazine carrier nearby If you’re carrying a quasi weapon to avoid any discomfort from reaching around your pistol.



Is Carrying A Gun From A Shoulder Holster Considered Open Carry?

The answer is no!  Even if the gun is permitted for open carry, you must obtain a concealed carry permit.

What Direction Should The Muzzle Be Facing?

To avoid any mishaps, keep in mind that the muzzle should always be facing away from you, leading to a better result for you.

What Are The Most Common Materials Used In Shoulder Holsters?

The most common materials are often composed of synthetic materials to allow for simple drawing while remaining strong enough to withstand changing weather conditions.

Final Verdict

This blog post is merely a quick overview of the basics about how to wear a shoulder holster and other relevant facts of this topic. We hope you found it informative and helpful.

If you are interested in learning more, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information at your convenience! We always enjoy helping people find solutions they can use right away.

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